Veggie Platter

Looking to cut the meat? No problem! We also love creating tasty vegetarian platters that include an assortment savoury & creamy cheeses, fresh & dried fruits, veggies, dips, fresh breads and sweet treats. Choose our vegetarian option for your platter boxes or grazing tables and our team will deliver a turn-key edible masterpiece which is sure to impress.

Available as a pre-made platter delivered to your event or as a full grazing table. There is also the option to make a section of your grazing table or platter box/ tray vegetarian.

Vegetarian Platter Sizes:
Mini = $30 (serves 1 – 2)
Small = $60 (serves 2 – 4)
Large = $100  (serves (4 – 6)
X-Large = $200 (serves 6 – 10)

Veggie Grazing Tables:
Minimum 20 people

Grazing table pricing can be done a per guest count or for the table, so best to contact us for a custom quote: